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Charlie McCosh is bringing with her the four best musicians in Shepparton (Jason Guiliani, Matt Head, Luke Lewis, Jaiman Long).

Together they have created a roaring, funky style. Charlie sound is swirly, dreamy light, then after hitting that distortion the funk comes in with a roaring sound. Charlie has mostly been performing solo up until 2018 when this band came together, where they have performed at gigs like The Winter Sessions, The Secret Gardens. Currently studying music at Box Hill Institute, Charlie’s sound is continuing to develop as she is writing more music that she ever has, and is excited to share that at Land of Plenty.

Charlie’s sound isn’t really confined to one genre… it can go from alternative folk to rock with swirly synth sounds. Keep an eye out for them, and come an have a boogie with the coolest musos from Shepp. Charlie and her band are feeling so privileged and lucky to share a stage with so many amazing artists, and feel proud to represent they’re hometown.